Since 1986 we have strived to bring you the best and most friendly service at very reasonable prices.  We know that YOU are the reason for our continued success, and we look forward to serving you for many years to come.  Any suggestions you may have are encouraged.  If you are new to our services, please review our policies below:



Reservations under $100.00 will require full payment.  Reservations over $100 will require a minimum deposit of $100 or 25%, whichever is greater, at time of reservation.  The remaining 75% must be paid and any changes must be made prior to 7 days before customer pick up or delivery.  Any reservation cancelled without a 7 day notice is NON REFUNDABLE.  We accept VISA, MC, CASH and CHECK for payment.


We deliver for a nominal fee during our normal business hours.  The total delivery cost depends on distance and difficulty.  Deliveries that are required after hours will also be charged an additional after hour fee.  The rates quoted are for ground floor deliveries to the door and must be easily accessible.  If you require other delivery arrangements, please let us know at time of reservation.  Items will be offloaded and stacked in a single location.


All items must be broken down, stacked, and ready for pick up in the same single location as delivered.  All china, flatware, and glassware MUST BE RINSED FREE OF FOOD, DRIED AND PLACED BACK IN ORIGINAL CONTAINERS or additional cleaning fee may be applied.  All Linens MUST BE SHAKEN FREE OF FOOD DEBRIS.  LINENS MUST BE FREE OF CANDLEWAX OR additional cleaning or replacement fees may be applied. Hangers must be returned with linens. THERE ARE NO REFUNDS FOR UNUSED RENTAL ITEMS.